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AluminArte™ Indoor/Outdoor Media

Cotton Candy Squared, 16 x 16 square AluminArte Frame to Edge piece

Taming The Sun and award-winning Photography Artist Kevin Sibbitt have exclusively chosen the patented Image Wizards AluminArte glazed aluminum panels as the only authorized media for all its single & limited edition pieces available in our gallery store.

Each Taming The Sun AluminArte piece purchased from our gallery store is crafted by hand with great care at Image Wizards in Lexington, North Carolina, where Roger Laudy's specialized printing company first invented his patented dye-sublimation printing process back in 2003.

With the crisp Frame to Edge viewing lines, luxurious dye-sublimation inks, and the durable glazed finish of the AluminArte media, our Taming The Sun single and limited edition pieces are specifically designed to provide a lifetime of indoor or outdoor viewing pleasure that are a perfect fit in today’s modern indoor/outdoor design spaces.
— Taming The Sun gallery store

Experience Always Counts

Sun Brellas Portrait, 16 x 20 AluminArte Frame to Edge piece.

Sun Brellas Portrait, 16 x 20 AluminArte Frame to Edge piece.

Roger leveraged his 40 years of printing experience and began innovating a new process of using dye-sublimation inks to imbed high-definition imagery into the surface of customized sheets of white aluminum with a resulting durable clear glaze finish that beautifies, seals and protects the AluminArte piece for a lifetime of indoor or outdoor viewing enjoyment.

Their captivatingly rich and color accurate AluminArte pieces are the fruit of Roger's industry experience, innovation and commitment to excellence. His AluminArte pieces provide the world of art with a completely new, modernized high-definition artwork media that offers a lifetime of exceptional viewing pleasure for those who choose to own one, and a memorable viewing experience for those who are lucky enough to encounter one.

The AluminArte media is as long-lasting as it is beautiful to view, uniquely offering both indoor or outdoor placement options without the usual fear of the artwork fading, discoloring, cracking, or peeling over time.
— Taming The Sun gallery store

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Flexible Indoor or Outdoor Placement

Taming The Sun single & limited edition AluminArte pieces are suitable for placement in both indoor or outdoor areas of your home, office, restaurant, healthcare, or community access design space and are virtually maintenance-free.

With its high-grade Frame-to-Edge sheet aluminum substrate, precision metal framing, and extremely durable clear glaze finish, your Taming The Sun single or limited edition piece is able to stand up to the everyday weather conditions of heat, moisture, UV rays, and even a Sharpie® marker!

Maintenance Free Care

If your Taming The Sun single or limited edition AluminArte piece requires cleaning, it can easily be cared for with a dry, or damp lint-free cloth, rubbing alcohol, or even everyday household cleaning solvents if needed, to maintain its exceptional viewing experience and enjoyment over the lifetime of the buyer’s ownership.

Arrives Ready-To-Mount

All Taming The Sun single & limited edition AluminArte pieces arrive ready-to-mount; complete with custom metal frames and integrated cable support mount to simplify installation in your designated design space.

Framing Color Choice

The 1.25” precision metal framing of our AluminArte pieces is available in black, silver, or pewter and is selected during checkout. We also have an alternative 1.25” Float Mount option available by request, please contact the gallery to learn more.